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Continuous fryer

Continuous fryer



          The fryer is a new generation of continuous frying equipment developed by our company, which is suitable for mass production of high-end customers such as fruits and vegetables fish poultry,aquatic products and split meat, etc.

Structural features:

(1) The advanced oil-water integrated technology overcomes the defects of the conventional fryer,

automatically filters and discharges the dregs,can keep the oil fried clean, does not need to change the oil

frequently, so that  the quality of the fried products is consistent.

(2) The whole process oil temperature is automatically controlled, and the temperature can be set freely

from 0-230 , which is suitable for frying all kinds of food with various technological requirements

(3) Efficient heating system can avoid energy waste and save a lot of energy expenditure. 

(4) The fryer works continuously ,which  improves the unit work efficiency and effectively reduces the unit


(5) PLC intelligent control, safe, convenient and stable.

Technical parameters:

Installed power:about 175 kw

Oil capacity:200L

Conveying speed:Variable frequency adjustable

Coal consumption:Electric heating

Temperature control range:230

Yield:900kg/h(customized according to customer needs)


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