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SZQ Boiled fruit and vegetable blanching production line

SZQ Boiled fruit and vegetable blanching production line

air washer

rotary foreign material removal machine

Electric lifting side flush cleaning machine

body lift

Two-stage foreign body filtering device

Horizontal side flush cleaning machine

hair roller cleaning machine

GQ-I high-speed vegetable cutting machine

GQ-II high-speed vegetable cutting machine 

GQ-III hgih-speed vegetable cutting machine

TD--500 decing machine

Electric lifting wave wheel blanching machine

Electric lift normal temperature water cooler

Horizontal cooling machine

Electric lifting ice water cooler

 The SZQ boiled fruit and vegetable blanching machine production line is the necessary processing equipment for fruits and vegetables before quick freezing.

It has the characteristics of reliable operation, low energy consumption,high degree of automation, and meets the requirements of HACCP certification.

It is suitable for blanching processing of leafy vegetables. rhizomes, fruits,fungi and other fruits and vegetables.


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