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LSD- series fluidized monomer quick freezing machine

LSD- series fluidized monomer quick freezing machine

 External motor


Double suction stainless steel impeller

LSD (II)-IV series is a  double suction  energy-saving fluidized quick-freezing equipment, It is an innovative patented quick-freezing machine in the field of fluidized quick-freezing equipment in China, and by the customer's consistent praise and recognition; the machine design features are as fo:
Full frequency conversion intelligent configuration, high efficiency and energy saving, saving only 30% of electric energy.
The fan motor shed is designed externally to reduce the cooling consumption in the shed and save 10% of the cooling capacity;
Double vanes and double suction air are installed downward, the full air pressure works, and the air volume is adjustable with variable frequency, which can realize the full suspension freezing of materials during the freezing process. The yield of frozen products is 98% - 100%.
The internal space is optimized to facilitate maintenance, control and cleaning, eliminate health blind spots, meet HACCP requirements, and ensure food safety.
The machine is applicable to the quick freezing of green beans, oil beans, soybean beans, Dutch beans, green beans, green pepper, French fries and other fruits and vegetables such as D, rhizome, leafy vegetables, plum, block, and sheet. 




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