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GS series multi-function vegetable cutter

GS series multi-function vegetable cutter



GS series multi-function vegetable cutter is designed according to the need of deep processing and development of domestic fruit and vegetable food, at present, it is a kind of domestic similar products more applicable, won the satisfaction of the majority of users. The machine is suitable for cutting fruit, vegetables, roots and other products into various sizes of d-shaped, sheet-shaped, silk, section, cut and so on.


Technical parameters:

power: 4kw

Voltage: 380V 50Hz

function: dicing, slicing, slicing, dicing

range: 5-10mm

dicing range: 3 × 3mm, 6 × 6mm, 4 × 4mm, 8 × 8mm, 5 × 5mm, 10 × 10mm

dicing range: 3-10mm

yield: 2000-3000kg/h

diced fruit and vegetable varieties: carrot, white radish, onion, onion, potato, green pepper, red pepper, yellow peach, strawberry, apple, Hami melon, pineapple, lotus root, etc. .

Equipment Specification: 1200 × 1200 × 1600mm (reference) 


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