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Electric lifting double-belt scouring and ironing machine

Electric lifting double-belt scouring and ironing machine


This machine is a new type of intelligent machine based on the development trend of food equipment. The structure is fully enclosed electric lifting type with three-stage independent design for heating temperature zone Suitable for all kinds of fruit and vegetable food blanching, especially for leaves, silk, d and other materials; The machine has the advantages of saving people, saving steam, even blanching, wide application range, clean and sanitary, easy cleaning, intelligent control, high degree of automation, stable operation. The machine can be used alone can also be prepared pre-processing line

Installation Power: 6kw 

Blanching time: 30 ~ 480 seconds (adjustable frequency) 
temperature: XMTD digital display
appearance size: 8500 × 1800 × 2200mm (single machine specifications, customers can choose according to production) 
description: The above parameters for customer reference only, confirm according to customer's order standard


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