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High pressure boiling machine

High pressure boiling machine


Equipment features:

 1, large heating area; 
2, high thermal efficiency; 
3, heating uniformity; 
4, high-pressure cooking, heating speed, liquid boiling time short;
 5, safe use, easy operation, widely used; 
6, there are a variety of heating methods (electric heating cooking pot, steam heating cooking pot, gas heating cooking pot) choice;
Equipment Performance: 
1) the use of coil cycle steam indirect heating, so that the pot temperature more uniform. 
2) when cooking out the material, the soup in the pot need not be discharged and can be used continuously, thus saving energy.
 3) the outside of the pot is insulated with a heat preservation layer to avoid heat loss in the pot and high temperature scald during operation. 
4) the structure of the pot door is changed from the previous flange bolt connection fixed type to the hydraulic quick-open type. And installed photoelectric limit, interlock, interlock function. 
5) the pot door is air-filled and sealed, and the glass installed at the upper limit water level of the pot is convenient to add soup in time. 
6) more than one equipment sharing a hydraulic station, operation can be a single operation, saving space to reduce costs.

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