Quick-frozen Fruit and Vegetable series
  Quick-frozen Aquatic products series
  Meatball processing line
  High and Low temperature fried serise
  Quick-frozen assembly line series for poultry slaughter
  Quick freezing machine series
  Cleaning sterilizer series
  Cooking and blanching machine series
  Cooler series
  Equipment cleaning machine series
  Vegetable Cutter series
  Vibration dehydration series
  Packing and Conveying series
  Auxiliary equipment
  Product video
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    people oriented                Connect with people        Treat others with love
    Do job painstakingly          walk hand in hand           Create happiness together
    Let all employees awareness in learning , more passionate, more tension!
    Let us thought more transparent, act more accessible, heart more relieved 
    Let Group inspire others in team work, transfer positive energy!
    Let work more in place, enterprises undertake more  responsibility have more future! 
    Let living more beautiful In creating . Life more wonderful!

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