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Operation quick freezing machine matters needing attention

Operation quick freezing machine matters needing attention

     Quick freezing machine as machinery, must after artificial manipulation to get the ideal effect. Therefore, following the presentation of quick-freezing machine in the use of the process should pay attention to:

One, quick-freezing machine operation should be checked prior to operation of the site and the framework of obstructions around there, also should check the ammonia system of the valve opening and whether it is normal.
Two, thirty minutes before opening the freezer refrigeration system to cool the attentionshould be opened, open back into the steam valve to slow, prevent compressor hydraulic impact, the liquid supply valve to small to big, no one opened, according to the actual situation of frozen goods ground adjustable liquid supply valve.
    Three, compressor and freezer boot to boot and goods frozen amount matches, try to avoidcircular barrel pressure too low. After the completion of production to close the quick-freezing machine liquid supply valve, thirty minutes after the start closing valve, and then to heat the ammonia and water defrosting, normal shutdown no closing valve.
    Four, open the hot ammonia defrosting of frozen machine valves, pressure should be in above of 6 kg/cm2, pressure is not too high. After 2-3 minutes after water defrosting and quick-freezing machine cleaning.
In five, the defrosting after its return steam valve, closing the inlet valve.
    In six, quick-freezing machine failure not immediately after treatment, to close the liquid supply valve, continue to boot thirty minutes, to be frozen in liquid ammonia pump back, thenrepair work.
Seven, frozen machine due to the thermal load is large and unstable, so the operation mustpay special attention, production personnel must not be in stop production immediately after the chain and other cleanup, and attenbant coordinate and then, in order to preventaccidents, operators must carefully operating room.

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