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The advantage of the cooking machine analysis

    Cooking machine has excellent energy saving, easy to maintenance and cleaning, inward and outward unique prevents steam leakage in great quantities, to keep temperature steaming machines, conveyor belt can be automatic cleaning when the machine is running, ensure the machine clean.

    Cooking machine is all stainless steel manufacturing, steaming machine cover with water seal, security, environmental protection, equipment transfer speed is adjustable, can adapt to all kinds of products in the cooking process, automatic control after temperature setting, effectively guarantee the product the cooking temperature.
Cooking machine has many unique advantages, the dimensions can be designed according to customer's requirements; Cooking time is adjustable in 5-60 minutes; Working temperature between 70 -- 100 .
    Cooking machine own obvious advantages, its application is more and more widely, our company has advanced production technology, according to your requirements to provide you with satisfactory products, also won the good reputation in the consumer, welcome to negotiate.

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