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The structure of the cooking machine

     Cooking machine structure has many advantages, are equipped with a steel base, do not need to provide a concrete foundation, and can be arbitrarily change the installation location, and automatically adjust the pressure sealing device for the main shaft at both ends, avoid the cooking machine leakage or leakage phenomenon, can maintain indoor health, let's learn more about the cooking machine structure:

    Cooking machine is composed of cylindrical shell and rotor, material into the machine, by the hollow screw on the rotor blades and the interlayer of shell wall by heating, and under the impetus of the blade slowly moving forward, according to the material status, thermal properties, such as blocks of freshness and adjust the amount of steam into the size and speed of the rotation of the rotor, making the material when pushed to the outlet of the machine, cooking requirements just reached the doneness, under the discharging device control, continuous output evenly.
    Cooking machine structure make itself has many advantages, to ensure maximum cooking machine's work efficiency, my company's products with advanced technology and high cost performance, in the new and old customers in establishing a good reputation, welcome to come to discuss.

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