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The cautions of quick-freezing machine before use

      With the development of the frozen food industry and its industrial production, in the field of food quick-freezing machine gradually become an irreplaceable products, there are many factors that can influence the quick-frozen, frozen goods including cooling medium temperature, the wind, latent heat and enthalpy difference, the thickness of the food ingredients, food, etc., so what's the considerations for quick-freezing machine before use?

1. 30 minutes before the boot should open cooling refrigeration system, pay attention to the open back valve slowly, to prevent the hydraulic impact of compressor, after recirculation valve to small to big, it is strictly prohibited to an opening is too large, according to the actual situation of frozen goods frequently adjusted for hydraulic valve.
2. The compressor of the boot to the quick-freezing machine boot and frozen goods quantity match, try to avoid circular barrel of pressure is too low. After completion of the production need to close the quick-freezing machine for liquid valve, boot closed valve back in about 30 minutes, and then to hot gas defrosting ammonia and water. During normal shutdown it is forbidden to close the valve back.
3. Quick-freezing machine should check before operation and site operation framework around the presence of obstacles, at the same time, should check the ammonia system about open valve is normal.
The application of quick-freezing machine already more and more common, clear the use of the quick-freezing machine considerations to the operator has the vital role, hope that through the above introduction can help you.

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