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Wind leaching room details

     Wind leaching room called the wind leaching room, it is the personnel or goods entering a clean area by the fan through the air shower nozzle through efficient filtering of the clean wind blowing the person or object surface adsorption dust is a very versatile partial purification equipment.

    Wind leaching room in use should pay attention to is the:
    One, the wind leaching process of stroke shower before and after the doors are locked, internal personnel not forced open, so as not to damage the interlocking device and door lock, if in case of an emergency, please press the emergency stop switch, the wind leaching room will work to stop the door opened to traffic, import. In the inactive period of inactivity, the wind leaching room door in the electronic interlocking state, can only open one side of the door, please do not forcibly open.
    In two, the wind leaching room uses the performance stability in addition to select good products, more important is the maintenance and the maintenance, automatic air shower room in the product the factory have been rigorous testing, in the installation and commissioning process has been identified using various parameters, so we usually just by using the statement of operation and maintenance on the line, if a fault is preferably by manufacturers to exclude.

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