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Quick-frozen Processing Line of Salted Shrimp

Quick-frozen Processing Line of Salted Shrimp


Salted shrimp washing machine

Salted shrimp color protection machine

Salted shrimp blanching machine

Salted shrimp cooling machine

Salted shrimp quick freezer


    The design and manufacture of saltwater shrimp production line are strict with the requirement of fast HCCP, in

order to meet the requirements of food safety and hygiene for export. The equipment in each section of the line can be

automatically transported at an adjustable speed and temperature. The heavy manual work is replaced by mechanical

operation. The operation is simple and the repeated pollution is avoided. It is the most suitable equipment for shrimp

cooking and processing at present. This line is mainly suitable for the cooking and quick-freezing processing of South

American shrimp, white shrimp, crayfish, tiger shrimp and other shrimp products.

Technical parameter:

Total installed power: 6.5 kw

Design output: 10t/h

Center Distance of Plate and Strip: Customers can choose according to output








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